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Shining Eyes Coaching
Shining Eyes Coaching
  Happiness Is A Journey... Start Your Quest Here!
This book defines a journey that asks you to lay aside your ego and take a really good look at yourself. Like an onion, imagine peeling back the layers that make you who you are. You eventually discover a nucleus; an inner energy that dwells within you; a universal truth that is unblemished and vibrant. At your core, hidden under layers of pain, role-playing and patterned behaviors, a state of balance exists. When you come to the center of yourself, your struggling ends and the integrity found at the core of who you are waits to gift you with happiness. This book will help you find the happiness you have longed for.

"Be courageous! Lay aside your ego and follow an inward path. The greatest reward is discovering the power of your integrity."
- Shannon S. Carlson

You will learn how to:

Clarify where you currently are in life and how you got there
Visualize who you want to become and take the steps to become this person
Develop a connection to your core energy
Radiate integrity in your personal and professional life
Achieve ongoing happiness and fulfillment that will bring you through your down times
Establish courage to live life to the fullest and to take the leap to be all you were born to be

Living Your Life in Balance is designed to be a blueprint for this intangible quest, allowing you access to a journey of the invisible self that cannot be seen or heard. With its self-reflective exercises and insights, this guided journal routes you into your inner most cosmos and will gift you with awareness and clarity surrounding your deepest struggles and will give you insight on how to overcome these struggles. A power will awaken within you that you did not know existed, and a new persona will emerge that is enlightened and joyful. It is only then that your internal, lasting happiness can be revealed.

Shannon Carlson