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Shining Eyes Coaching
Shining Eyes Coaching
  “I don’t easily surrender to the powerful simplicity of wisdom books. I want them to be more complicated. I surrendered to this one and let it resonate within. You will want to surrender too.” - John P. Schuster, author of Answering Your Call

“This book is a blueprint for getting your life together and having the power to show others how to do the same!
" - John DiPietro, author of You Don't Have to be Perfect to be Great

"This book is for anyone who wants to attain true happiness in their lives. Read this book today and learn how to achieve your destiny and soar in life!" - Patrick Snow, best-selling author of Creating Your Own Destiny"

“A rare blend of personal experience and illustrative exercises. This book provides a refreshing perspective on how to achieve ongoing happiness and inspire integrity.”
- Stephanie Ko, author of Trading Your Way to Wealth

"Shannon Carlson's book, Living Your Life In Balance, spews wisdom about the importance of inner and outer balance and will change your life for the better forever!"
- Joan Bunney, author of SEXY In Your Sixties

“Shannon's insights touch people at a deeper level than I can express in words.  You'll feel positively affected in a way never before explored.  Her writing is addictive, hypnotic and even like a day at the 'spa': rejuvenating.”
  - Terri Dunevant, author of The Staircase Principle

“With this book as your guide, you can find the balance and happiness you are looking for in life.  If you are seeking balance in your life, read this book.  Shannon Carlson will guide you on a journey to discover the on-going happiness you seek.”
- Dennis Kelley, author of Achieving Unlimited Success

"Living Your Life In Balance provides hope to those
in pain who are holding themselves hostage from
achieving all that they desire. Shannon is transparent
about her own struggles, and provides a method to help
her readers reach new heights in their personal life
- Lesli Dullum, co-author of YOUR SALES FORCE

“When I was in sixth grade, in an effort to figure out my place and purpose in the Universe, this thought came unbidden into my mind:  ‘Every head is a world.’  Staring deeply into my eyes in a mirror, I repeated that mantra as I tried to find the answer.  Too bad I did not have Shannon’s magic book back then; I am glad I have it now.”
  - Donald M. Burrows, author of Plan While You Still Can:  16 End-of-Life Checklists You Need Now  

“Living Your Life In Balance is the blueprint for anyone looking for balance in their life. This book will make a great addition to anyone’s personal library.”
- Eddie Godshalk, author of Thriving In Today’s Real Estate Market

“Shannon is a master at 'Living Life In Balance.' This book is a testament to that.  It’s a 'must read' for anyone wanting to discover their inner strength and power.  Don’t just read it once, read it over and over again.  Her message is timeless and one we can all benefit from, especially on days when life isn’t quite going according to plan.” - Susan Friedmann, CSP, author of Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a small Market

"Shannon takes the mystery and confusion out of finding the proper balance in your life. Her book is a must read for everyone." - Brad McColl, author of Leveraging Your Banker

Shannon Carlson